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Our (Great) Culture

SaskCentral is known for its excellent employee culture.

Being on the cutting edge by empowering employees, listening, acting and providing a respectful workplace, enables SaskCentral to achieve its yearly objectives. Because we know that after all, happy employees make the best workers.

"There is one thing at SaskCentral that we know without doubt. We have amazing employees. Our workforce enables us to consistently meet and exceed corporate goals. We aim to set our employees up for success. We provide a fun and flexible work environment, a warm and close-knit culture, great benefits and opportunities for employees to be heard."

    - Keith Nixon, CEO

Cultural Practices

SaskCentral has embedded 6 cultural practices into the organization to help ensure a resilient and agile workforce that will lead to our success. Employees and leaders have committed to the pursuit of understanding and living the following practices:


I understand that no one is perfect, so I choose to embrace life, self and others with grace, neutralizing fear through empathy and compassion, enabling a sense of calm, growth, and fulfillment.


I understand that purpose and meaning exist as opportunity and that I have a valuable role to serve within my circle of influence.


I choose to grow in mindful awareness of the impacts of my attitude, thoughts, behavior and communication, and the dynamics that hinder and/or enhance them.


I choose to humbly and purpose-fully exercise my freedom to respond, to be aligned in principle, word and behavior -- expanding my capacity in life and mission.


I understand that trust is a decision, and that my character is revealed and grown through each decision I make – I desire to work, speak and act in ways that make me trustworthy and safe.


I choose curiosity rather than defensiveness, to keep conflict healthy, respectful of others’ views and objective, and to remain vulnerably open to listen to understand, in the discovery of truth.

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