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Purchasing Policy Details

At SaskCentral, we recognize that our activities affect the community in which we operate. We are committed to being socially responsible and minimizing our environmental impact in all aspects of our operations, including our vendor relationships. We believe that by working with suppliers or vendors who share our commitment, we can make a positive difference to our community. With that in mind, and taking into consideration all reasonable business needs for SaskCentral, SaskCentral will consider the following factors in selecting product and service providers:


SaskCentral expects to work with suppliers that offer the best value for products and services with due consideration for quality, service and pricing.


SaskCentral expects to work with suppliers that meet or exceed generally accepted standards of good business conduct, including compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

SaskCentral expects to work with suppliers that demonstrate and promote positive and fair relations with employees, customers, suppliers and the local community. SaskCentral will not enter into business relationships with suppliers that use compulsory or forced labour.


SaskCentral seeks to work with suppliers that develop or market products and services that are produced with minimal environmental impact. Where possible, we will purchase products and services that are environmentally friendly; they are energy efficient, recyclable, bio-degradable and/or non-toxic.

SaskCentral seeks to work with suppliers that have implemented or are taking steps to implement formal policies, programs and processes to reduce the negative environmental impact of their operations.

Buy Local

Whenever possible, SaskCentral will partner with local and/or provincial suppliers. This is part of our commitment to support the growth of our local community and economy.


SaskCentral expects to work with suppliers that demonstrate good corporate governance, including transparency and accountability. Recognized professional business standards are met or exceeded.

SaskCentral welcomes the opportunity to work with new suppliers.

Though none of the above will take the place of or supercede SaskCentral’s evaluation of products and services based on the vendor or service provider being able to meet SaskCentral’s business needs, their experience in delivering the product or service, the cost of the proposed delivery of the product or service or any other valid business consideration, SaskCentral will endeavour to conduct its purchasing processes in a manner that is ethical, fair and transparent, while respecting the confidential information of our suppliers.

Examples of products and services that apply to the purchasing policy include:

  • Paper and other office supplies
  • Office furniture & fixtures (i.e. blinds, carpet)
  • Computers and other electronic equipment
  • Lighting
  • Building equipment (i.e. boilers, air conditioners)
  • Promotional items and apparel
  • Banners & signage
  • Courier services
  • Cleaning services
  • Travel & hotel accommodations
  • Professional services such as consultants, lawyers, advertising agencies

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